Dear All,

We wanted to drop you a line about Lymington Community Centre’s response to Coronavirus in the UK, as we know some of you are concerned about coming to the Community Centre to attend the Cinema, Café, Pre-School, Classes and meetings, the moment, especially if you are vulnerable. We don’t want you to be worrying or panicking, but there are some important things for you to know/ basic things you can do to help everyone do their best to stay healthy.

We are carefully monitoring the situation and will continue to share information as appropriate, however currently we are recommending you follow the NHS’s guidelines: (bear in mind that this advice may change over the coming weeks/ months). Our additional advice today is based on advice from the NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations).

Currently it does not appear necessary for us to cancel any upcoming screenings, classes or events, however we will be sharing information as appropriate that might help you protect both yourselves, and people who are vulnerable. It’s especially important to remind people that if they have travelled to one of the high risk places, to stay home and self-quarantine. Again, this info can be found on the above NHS link.

Below is some advice (again, based on NHS, NCVO, ACAS and SCC communications) which you might find useful:

1.       Wash your hands regularly – after going to the loo obviously, but also after coughing, sneezing and public transport travelling. It’s also been recommended that people avoid touching their faces too much.

2.       Avoid sneezing or coughing without covering your mouth and nose. Ideally, you’d have a tissue, but the official guidance is to use your elbow if you don’t have one to hand. Dispose of used tissues quickly in an appropriate manner.

3.       Make sure your address and emergency contact details for your fellow volunteers/committee members are up to date.

5.       If you know of any particularly vulnerable or elderly audience members, perhaps check on them to make sure they aren’t too worried.

6.       In case of a wide outbreak in Hampshire and any directive from the Council, we may choose to close the Centre for a while. If this happens, we will keep everyone informed to the best of our ability.

7.       Again, at present, it appears that there is no need to cancel any cinema showings or, screenings, the Pre-School, Cafe bookings, classes or events – though we will keep our eye on this and recommend others do the same.

That’s it for now. Again, try not to worry, but it’s always sensible to be prepared and be hygienic.