How does the Association generate its funds

The Lymington Community Association is a registered Charity No: 1188765 founded in 1946 with the purchase of the old Malt Hall and its ¾ acre plot of land to provide what is most often referred to as “The Centre” for the people of Lymington and Pennington’s enjoyment of both Cultural and Recreational activities. The Association acquired Charitable status in September 1962 and is managed by a Board of 9 Trustees

Income to the Association comes from the following

The overall day to day running of the Association is funded by income from

  • Letting rooms
  • Café/Bar
  • Pre-school
  • Cinema
  • Membership/Car Parking

Development and Facility Improvement

  • Voluntary Donations
  • Grants from Private Trusts
  • Local Councils
  • Fundraising events
  • Legacies

The Association has recently been awarded a Pledge of £900K from Lymington and Pennington Town Council towards a much needed refurbishment and redevelopment of the Centre which will cost in excess of 2 million this pledge has to be match funded by the Association.

The opening of the “Malt Hall” the original building celebrates its 70th Anniversary of opening in May 2018 hence we are launching our “Celebrating 70 Project” to raise £I million in the next 5 years.