Dear all

Vanessa Galbraith has recently become a Trustee at the Lymington Community Centre and wants to focus on a ambitious fundraising event to raise urgent funds and awareness of the Centre.

She really needs to get a group of people involved with the event – details below!.  If you, or anyone else you know is interested in helping in ANY way please get in touch with her on 07779 783094 or email:

Below is an idea of the event.  You may want to take responsibility for one of these areas or you may be able to come up with more ideas.  Even if you can only spare a few hours please get in touch.  Our first meeting will be on:

Wednesday 22nd May at 1.30pm – in the cafe.

Please let me know if you’re able to join us on the 22nd or if you can’t whether you’re interested in helping.

It should be fun and satisfying to contribute to improving a Centre which provides such a focus to the community.

One Day 4 One Centre

The Lymington Centre is at an exciting stage.  We are in the process of a huge fundraising drive to raise money for structural improvements, as well as to rebuild and update various areas. ‘A New Improved Centre for future generations to enjoy.’

Since the centre is for the community I think it’s important that we get local people involved in our fundraising initiative.  The centre is used by so many people of various ages in Lymington and beyond and we should encourage everyone to get involved.

As an event, I suggest we organise one specific day to fundraise for the centre (date to be decided but a Saturday in late September/ early Oct may work well?), involving local people, businesses and schools in the community.  Examples of events we will support and suggest are as follows:

In Town – pubs, restaurants and shops will be asked to get involved:

  • Pubs will be ask to host quizzes on Lymington history –  we can ask for the quiz fee to be donated to the centre.
  • Restaurants – a voluntary donation can be added to bills on the specific day.
  • Schools – Encourage schools to organise fundraising events the week before.  On the Saturday a prize will be awarded to the school that raises the most money.
  • Ask businesses for one-off donations.
  • A membership drive throughout the whole town.  Membership leaflets in all shops, restaurants and pubs.
  • One particular dress shop on the High Street would like to organise a fashion show to raise funds.

At the Centre:

  • The Centre will be open throughout the day, showcasing everything currently available. Taster sessions of all events – yoga/dance/art/pottery – with donations.
  • The cinema will be open all day showing a variety of films. Children’s films during the day with films for adults running late into the evening.
  • The cafe will serve a bespoke lunch.
  • In the afternoon a special cream tea will be served. (Someone has expressed interest in organising this).

These are an example of events. However, some people may want to to run their own fundraisers which we will support and publicise.

The day will be advertised with a striking poster and advertisements in the local paper and online. A few weeks in advance  people will be able to pick up a timetable of what’s going on where and when.