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To book a place, students should fill in the form below or contact The Lymington Centre Reception directly before attending, as numbers are limited for some courses. This may be due to the limitations of seating in the available accommodation or because the lecturer has set a maximum class size . Course fees become payable at enrolment. This can be done via Reception or at the first class in the course.

Cheques should be made payable to “Lymington Community Association”. We are also able to accept payment by debit or credit card at Reception.


Spring Term 2018

Walls of Glass: the changing international boundaries of Europe

Geraldine Beech
Thursdays 10.00am-12noon, 8 weeks, 11 January-8 March 2018
Half term 15 February 2018
LCA Members £70, Non-LCA Members £75
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

From the Roman ‘limites’ crossing the continent between the Irish Sea and the Black Sea, to a small rectification of the Belgian-Dutch boundary in 2016, the international boundaries of Europe have been constantly drawn and redrawn. They have been influenced by numerous factors: geographical features, ethnography, language, religion, diplomacy, treaties, military prowess and political hegemony. This course provides a brief overview of how the present boundaries came into being: the legacies of the Congresses of Vienna (1815) and Berlin (1878), the Paris Peace Conference (1919) and the Potsdam. Conference (1945) are still with us. But boundaries are not merely lines on a map, and their demarcation on the ground has often been a co-operative undertaking between nations not immediately involved. British boundary commissioners were frequently involved in such work, and the course will also look at a small sample of their work.


Spring Term 2017

Early seventeenth century writings: Renaissance & Metaphysical Poetry

Carolyn King MA
10.00am-12noon, 10 weeks, 16th January 18- 27th March 18
Half term 13th February 2018
LCA Members £85, Non-LCA Members £90
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

This will include the introduction of the sonnet form by Sir Thomas Wyatt & the Earl of Surrey and the development of the sonnet form by metaphysical poets, Donne, Vaughan & Marvell.


Spring Term 2018

General Art and Drawing: An Art Course for those wishing to explore a range of media.

Caroline Bannon
Tuesdays 09.15am -11:15am, 10 weeks, 9 January - 20 March 2018
Half term 13 February 2018
LCA Members £85, Non-LCA Members £90
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

A practical 10 week art course that encompasses a range of drawing and painting media. These are explored in the context of a project that evolves over the 10 week period.
Students are encouraged to develop their work, under the guidance of the tutor, towards a personal style.
Please bring art materials of your choice to the first class.

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