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Spy Novels of the Early Twentieth Centry

Denise Hanrahan- Wells PhD
10am - 12 Noon, 2 Hours , Course start Tuesday 17th January 2023
Half term 14th February 2023
LCA Members £105, Non-LCA Members £115
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

Spy novels have remained popular for more than a hundred years with their typical key ingredients of intrigue, espionage, and plot twists. We will read three early 20th century texts to explore these characteristics as well as consider how they engaged with societal concerns of the time.  We will begin with Kim by Rudyard Kipling (1901) before moving on to Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent (1907) and finishing with The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan (1915).

It will be helpful if you have a copy of the books in class as we read passages from, and comment on, them.

The Tutor is Denise Hanrahan-Wells, PhD. Denise has taught American Literature at Winchester University, and various literature courses through the WEA.

To book your place, call 01590 672337 or visit the Lymington Community Centre Reception, New Street, Lymington, SO41 9BQ.

For further information please contact: Elizabeth Chell, PhD. Lymington Centre Literary Group Secretary    E:


Spring 2023

“How the Old World Ended”

Roy Doughty
10am - 12Noon , 7 Weeks , Thurs 12th Jan to Thurs 2nd March 2023
Half term 16th Feb
LCA Members £77, Non-LCA Members £84
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

This course is about how between the years of 1500 and 1800 cultural and maritime relationships between the British, Dutch and their erstwhile American territories changed the existing old-world order and made the Industrial Revolution possible.

 It was the period when the North Sea overtook the Mediterranean as the most dynamic part of the world and at its core the Anglo-Dutch relationship intertwined close alliance and fierce antagonism to intense creative effect that included three brutal naval wars. But a precondition for the Industrial Revolution was also the establishment in British North America of a unique type of colony, one for the         settlement of people and their culture rather than the extraction of things from the earth solely for profit.  England’s republican revolution of 1649 -53 was a spectacular attempt to change social, political, and moral life in the direction pioneered by the Dutch and Prof. Jonathan Scott’s latest book titled “How the Old World Ended” published in 2020 argues with success that it was also a turning point in world history. This is a book I admire for its depth and analysis which together with two   further books, very recently Prof. Clare Jackson’s “Devil-Land. England under Siege. 1588- 1688.” published in 2021 and long before this, “Global Crisis. War, Climate Change & Catastrophe in the 17th Century” by Prof. Geoffrey Parker published in 2013. All three highly respected academics examine our British Isles during one   hundred years of the world experiencing revolution, droughts, famines, wars and  regicides, being a period, as Geoffrey Parker says, being not only unprecedented but agonisingly widespread around the globe.

I have always been fascinated by England’s flirtation with republicanism during the 17th century in its progress towards an Empire of the Seas, the Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions as our legacies to the world without which we may still be living in hovels and meagre cottages, at best in rural villages close only to fetid streams.



General Art and Drawing: An Art Course for those wishing to explore a range of media.

Caroline Bannon
Tuesdays 09.15am -11:15am, 10 weeks, Tuesday 10th January 2023
Half term 14th Feb 2023
LCA Members £105, Non-LCA Members £115
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

A practical 10 week art course that encompasses a range of drawing and painting media. These are explored in the context of a project that evolves over the 10 week period.
Students are encouraged to develop their work, under the guidance of the tutor, towards a personal style. Please bring art materials of your choice to the first class. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

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