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To book a place, students should fill in the form below or contact The Lymington Centre Reception directly before attending, as numbers are limited for some courses. This may be due to the limitations of seating in the available accommodation or because the lecturer has set a maximum class size . Course fees become payable at enrolment. This can be done via Reception or at the first class in the course.

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American Literature 1918 - 1936

Dr Denise Hanrahan- Wells
10am - 12 Noon, 2 Hours , Course start Tuesday 6th October
Half term 27th October 2020
LCA Members £100, Non-LCA Members £110
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

This ten week course will explore three selected novels: Willa Cather, My Antonia; F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender is the Night; and William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom. These fascinating novels each engage with specific moments of American history and we will consider topics such as the pioneer experience, the conflicted lifestyle of the hedonism of 1920s America and the so-called ‘Lost Generation’ of American writers, as well as the long reaching legacy of the American Civil War.

The course commences at 10 am on 6th October until 12 noon, with a mid-morning coffee break. It will open with Cather’s, My Antonia, for three weeks until half-term commencing 26th October. The course resumes on 3rd November for seven weeks in which we study   Tender is the Night for 3 weeks, followed by Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom for a further four weeks.

The course tutor is Dr Denise Hanrahan-Wells, a highly experienced teacher from    Winchester University, whose specialism is American literature and history.

For further information please contact Dr Elizabeth Chell, Secretary, Lymington Centre     Literary Group.     E:, M: 07534300027



Autumn 2020

General Art and Drawing: An Art Course for those wishing to explore a range of media.

Caroline Bannon
Tuesdays 09.15am -11:15am, 10 weeks, Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Half term Tuesday 27th October 2020
LCA Members £95, Non-LCA Members £100
Enrol at Reception, Lymington Centre

A practical 10 week art course that encompasses a range of drawing and painting media. These are explored in the context of a project that evolves over the 10 week period.
Students are encouraged to develop their work, under the guidance of the tutor, towards a personal style.
Please bring art materials of your choice to the first class.

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