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Welcome to Lymington Centre Pre-School, where we take pride in providing both an engaging indoor and outdoor environment, which is rich, vibrant and welcoming to encourage your child’s safe exploration, learning and discovery. All our highly motivated staff recognise and understand that for a parent the choice of Pre-school for their child is of paramount importance.

We are a degree lead team, offering the highest standards of childcare for each and every child, presenting them with endless opportunities to grow in confidence; to develop and flourish within our happy, supportive and secure environment. Enabling them to be confident, challenged and successful, whilst developing a high level of self-esteem, reliance, and eventually supporting them through the natural transition to full time education.

At Lymington Centre Pre-School, we adopt a holistic approach where we not only nurture your child’s education, but also their health and well-being. We ensure our families and children feel welcome and valued from the moment they enter our room. We work in partnership with yourselves, and if needed local advisors, to provide a tailored education, starting with your child’s personal key person. Who is responsible for every aspect of their ongoing development, and with our on-line learning app for web and mobile, you can follow your child’s learning journey, and indeed contribute, throughout  their time with us.

We embrace the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and apply the four key themes: Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development, as the basis of our approach to early learning and development. We provide a broad variety of activities and continuous provision relevant to your child’s needs and interests.

Children learn through play and opportunities for spontaneity and unplanned activities are included throughout the day as well as small group activities, circle time, 1-2-1, and Language Group.

We feel it is important for families and pre-school staff to work together to help children to feel confident and secure. This can take longer for some children than for others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle. In order to feel free to explore different activities, it is best to send your child dressed in clothes that are easily washable and not too new. (Pre-school T-shirts, Zoodies and sweatshirts are available to purchase). Your child will enjoy getting messy, and simple clothing which they can handle themselves will make them more independent and encourage them to do more for themselves. We welcome family input and if you have any skills you wish to share with us please let us know. We also carry out fundraising events throughout the year to help towards the cost of equipment.

At Lymington Centre Pre-School we have a photographer who visits the Pre-school, giving you the opportunity to come in and have a family portrait as well as capturing your child with their friends.

We have baking, cooking and food tasting sessions for children to learn, make and get excited about food. Children will get involved in the whole cooking process and learn skills such as mixing, kneading, chopping and pouring all with close support, to encourage and develop the skills of independence.

We also have Yoga and Gymnastic sessions, which has many benefits for children such as helping to increase balance, coordination and core strength. It can also aid relaxation and promote a sense of achievement. Helping children to  have more confidence and self-esteem as well as problem-solving.

To support Public Health England’s recommendation, and ‘Saving Smiles’ we are very pleased to offer a tooth brushing programme, which is offered to all children, with parents consent. Children are also encouraged to take part in music and movement using programmes such as ‘Boogie Mites’  to support the development of all seven areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which are; Communication and language, Physical Development, Personal, social and emotional development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.

All our staff recognise and understand that for a parent the choice of Pre-school for their child is of paramount importance. We offer the highest standards of childcare for each and every child, offering them endless opportunities to grow in confidence, self-esteem, and we help support them through the natural transition to full time education.

Parent reviews-
“Lymington Centre pre-school is an excellent pre-school providing excellent care, nurturing and guidance for children. I have two children that have attended here and they have both grown so much socially, emotionally and academically. The staff are friendly, happy and provide great child care.”

“Lymington Centre pre-school is a happy, friendly & welcoming environment & my daughter loves attending the setting. She enjoys the outdoor play, various crafts & visits from the children’s centre bus & various others, including the Tesco fruit lady!

Parents are kept well informed of our children’s progress through the online learning journey Tapestry.
I would happily recommend Lymington Centre pre-school.”

October 2015 Ofsted Report

The pre-school is a hive of excitement and happiness. Staff provide good learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Both areas are interesting and promote children’s curiosity. Staff support children well to help them make good progress. Self-evaluation is accurate and reflective. The manager and committee have implemented new strategies to support children’s individual needs. They have high expectations and plan for ongoing improvements for the pre-school. Staff provide children with a good level of challenge and encourage them to manage risk. Staff encourage children to be independent in all aspects of their learning, which helps them to develop confidence and high self-esteem. Staff supervision is thorough. The manager supports their professional development well and this has a positive impact on children’s learning. Staff identify any children who need additional support. This helps them to provide tailored support and work with other agencies to close any gaps in their progress.All children make good progress. They are independent and challenged in their learning. Children are confident and gain the skills they will need as they move to school.
Ofsted October 2015.
Full report –

Funding We are authorised for children 2yrs to rising 5’s. Early years funding is currently available from the term after your child’s 3rd birthday for either 15 hrs per week (570 hrs per year) or 30 hrs per week (1,140 hrs per year). We also accept 2yr funding.

Food In Pre-School/Allergens Guidelines: Parents provide snack to be shared during the session. Please provide a variety of fruit, breadsticks, plain biscuits, bread, cereal etc. Any foods/drinks shared within Pre-School for snack/birthdays/celebrations etc. must be in original unopened packaging. Due to the regulations which came into effect in December 2014 from the Food Standards Agency. Parents must inform us of any allergies/intolerances their child or immediate family may have.

useful website explaining the Early Years Foundation Stage ‘What to expect, when? A parents guide’-

Telephone or pop into the Centre for information if you would like your child to join in the fun! We look forward to meeting you.

Lymington Centre Pre-School.

Sharon, Jacki, Cathy, Amy, Kelly and Annabel.

Term Dates for 38 Weekers

Party day – Friday 20th Dec 9-12

Closed Christmas Holiday – Monday 23rd Dec – Friday 3rd Jan.

Closed – Monday 6th Jan 2020

1st half of Spring half term – Tuesday 7th Jan – Friday 14th Feb.

Half term – Monday 17th Feb – Friday 21st Feb.

(Holiday Club spaces available during the Half term week)

2nd half of Spring term – Monday 24th Feb – Friday 3rd April.

Closed Easter Break – Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April.

First day of summer term –  Monday 20th April.

 Term Dates for 43 Weekers

Party day – Friday 20th Dec 9-12.

Closed Christmas Holiday –    Monday 23rd Dec – Friday 3rd Jan.

Closed – Monday 6th Jan 2020.

Spring half term –Tuesday 7th Jan – Friday 3rd April.

Closed Inset day – Monday 17th Feb.

Closed Easter Break – Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April.

First day of summer term – Monday 20th April.

Contact Information:

  •  01590 672337 and then press 3.
  •  07789504371

Cost / Times / Location:

  •  Cost and times are available on request.
  •  We have our own room, to the left of the main reception.
  •  We have flexible opening hours, so please contact us on 01590 672337 ext 3 to see if we can help with your childcare needs.

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