We do hope that you and your families are all keeping well at this difficult time.  

The Centre is now fully closed for the next three weeks, including to staff due to government guidelines. We will be reviewing this regularly and extending if necessary. Therefore, the paint brushes have been put down …. for now! Some staff who can are working from home and responding to emails, but this is limited.  We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has emailed and responded to the emails with your kind words of support and keeping us informed of what you have all been doing at home. We have had over 100 responses!

We understand that there is a lot of anxiety around food supplies and shopping. We are pleased to let you know that we are now hosting New Forest Food Bank in the Gates Hall at the Community Centre. The Food Bank is providing a vital service for those people in need at this time and we would like to thank all the volunteers who have pulled together to supply essentials to many households. It really is heart-warming to know that people are supporting each other as much as they can.

The Centre is also on standby ready to open for the NHS Blood Donation if required. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the emergency services, NHS staff and key workers who are doing a brilliant job as always.

Isolation can be difficult for everyone and therefore we have put together a few ideas below to help you keep busy and positive. More to come very soon…..

  1. Write a letter or email to that friend or relative you have been meaning to contact for a while. A simple couple of lines could really help brighten someone’s day.
  2. Make a phone call each day to a different person in your contact list. Check up on people and see how they are doing. The chances are they have the same worries as you do. A problem shared is a problem halved. Talking really does help!
  3. Write a journal. Start writing down everything you have done in the day. When was the last time you were told by the government to isolate? This could make interesting reading in years to come.
  4. Open that kitchen cupboard or wardrobe you have been longing to clear out. Who knows what treasures (or out of date tins) you may find!  You may even rediscover your favourite go to outfit which bring back treasured memories for you.
  5. Become a “Master Chef” Go to your shelves full of cookbooks you haven’t opened for years and try a different recipe. Alternatively, make up your own recipe with the ingredients you already have in the house. It could be the tastiest meal you have had yet! Please send in your favourite recipe for us to consider adding to the Café menu when we re-open.  Send a picture if you can.
  6. Read a book…. did you pick up a book off the shelves at the Community Centre and have not got around to reading it? We challenge you to finish that book before we re-open! Get reading …we have plenty of books to choose from when we re-open!
On a positive note, the sun is shining, and the gardens are looking beautiful. Thank you to everyone for your kind words in response to our last email regarding closure of the Centre. We have really enjoyed reading through your emails and hearing about your isolation stories, adventures, history of your lives and memories of Lymington and the Community Centre.  Please do keep sending them in and we look forward to responding as soon as we can.

If you would like to email us please do at Marketing@lymingtoncommunity.com

Thank you for your continued support of the Community Centre and we look forward to opening the doors again in the future.

Please do take care.

Lymington Community Association.