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As you know, our recent plans to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) about the future of the Lymington Community Association (LCA), had to be abandoned due to the number of Members who wanted to attend the meeting. The high level of interest, which was positively received, has led the Board of Trustees to plan consultations with the Members and the community to then plan two future SGM’s.

The first SGM will be held on Thursday, 5th September 2019 at 5.00 at Priestlands School. A calling notice will be issued but for now please hold this date. This meeting will involve voting on the first two resolutions from the abandoned SGM (1: Amendment to governing documents & 2 Conversion to Charitable Incorporated Organisation) This will be followed by a forum on the future of the Centre, the work needed to secure its future and the means of raising adequate funding.

The second SGM will be arranged at a later date to present the results from the forum and further consultation on the future of the Centre, including the consideration of the sale of a small part of the car park. 

Anna Rostand has decided to step down as Chair of the Board. We are sorry to lose Anna’s drive and enthusiasm as Chair of the LCA but she will continue as a Trustee so we can continue to benefit from her knowledge and experience. The Board has appointed Bob Blatchford, an existing Trustee, to take over as Chair.

We are also informing you that the Association’s year end has been changed from 30th June to 31st August so that it aligns with the Membership and the academic year.  As a result, we expect the AGM to be held on Friday 6th December.

More information will be distributed to all Members shortly, we will also publish some dates for members interested in joining us at a series of consultation meetings.

The Trustees

Lymington Community Association