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The Lymington Anthology is produced in support of Lymington Community Association, and its Appeal to fund the renovation and upgrading of the Community Centre.

The stories published in this Anthology come from two sources.

First, the Lymington Writers, who meet regularly in the Community Centre, wanted to publish a selection of their own work in support of the Appeal. Second, we created the Lymington Competition which, in 2019, produced an excellent shortlist of flash fiction and longer stories. All the shortlisted pieces are included here. We were particularly pleased to see the work submitted in the Under-18 category.

In these 147 pages there are stories to delight and entertain all tastes. Purchase your copy for only £7.95.

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About this book –

Lymington Anthology

The short stories and flash fiction in this Anthology are an expression of Community.

The Lymington Anthology contains a range of writing from Lymington Writers, whose regular meetings in the Community Centre gave birth to this publication, and for the Competition.

Lymington Writers have contributed their best work in various genres, including fantasy and horror. Their enthusiasm for creation of character and plot is obvious. The writing cannot fail to entertain readers.

The Competition attracted short stories and flash fiction from across the UK. The theme in both sections was Community.  We enjoyed the high standard of work received for this, our first writing competition, which certainly bodes well for the future of our craft. The shortlisted entries included here, cover a wide range of genres and are full of intriguing characters.

These stories are published in support of the Lymington Community Association Appeal. We feel there is something here for everyone, and we hope that you will enjoy reading them.

Paperback                                        147 pages                                           £7.95